CSA Shares

Dave KranenburgJune 13, 2017

Purchase your Fall CSA share by July 31st!

Our farm is growing enough to provide 100 households with their selection of naturally raised fowl, fungi, foragers & forest food.  By buying your share, you are guaranteeing that yours is one of these households and then you can let us know exactly what you'd like.

Right now we are growing just enough mushrooms for the farmers markets and we have some whole (frozen) pekin duck available.  In August we will we have lots of mushrooms and our first chickens.  Everything else takes more time to grow and will be ready in the Fall.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase your share.
  2. Receive your discount code (by email) within 24 hours.  A full share receives a 10% discount, Half shares receive 8% and Quarter shares receive 5%.
  3. Place your order.
  4. Select your pick-up date and location
  5. Pick-up your food on that date (don't worry, we'll remind you!)
  6. Eat!!

What can I expect in my share?

 Description Example (you can mix & match to create your own share!
Full Share 1 heritage turkey, 2 ducks, 10 free-range organic chickens, half of a heritage pig, and 7 pounds of mushrooms.
Half Share 1 heritage turkey, 5 free-range organic chickens, quarter of a heritage pig, and 4 pounds of mushrooms.
Quarter Share 1 heritage turkey, 5 free-range organic chickens, and 4 pounds of mushrooms.


How much does it cost?

By paying up front, you're helping us with one of the most challenging parts of farming...cash flow.  And we say thanks by providing you with a discount AND by slipping in some extra food if we have it (think mushrooms samples or apple cider).

 Description Cost Discount Total Value
Full Share $900 10% $1000
Half Share $500 8% $543
Quarter Share $275 5% $289


Have a question that's not answered covered here?  Just contact us through eat@kendalhillsgamefarm.ca