It takes a village to start a farm

It takes a village to start a farm

Dave KranenburgMay 26, 2017

It's fitting that the first blog post is on our 5th wedding anniversary.

Emily & I were married on this farm, under an ancient cedar tree surrounded by our friends and family.  It had always been our dream to live here once her parents were ready to sell.  Then in the summer of 2016, with Emily on mat leave, we heard that they were ready.  We packed up our Roncesvalles apartment and moved our young family of four into a 19th century farmhouse to live with an older family of two.  Our kids are now playing under that same cedar tree.

Without Em's parents, Tim & Frances, this definitely wouldn't be possible.  Not only have they welcomed us into their home, where their two adorable grandchildren regularly disrupt the morning tranquility, they are showing us the ropes and connecting us to the community.  Dave's learning curve has been town, new tools and a new trade.  How do you change oil on a tractor? How do you drive a tractor? What do you do when you get the tractor stuck?  How do you avoid losing a limb while using a chainsaw?  What type of bird is that?  How do you say Orono and sound like a local?  Where can I buy this?  Are there any fritters?  Through it all, they've been supportive and kind...and never once grumbled about the family of critters who have taken over the upstairs.

Not to mention the childcare help that they give!  And when they're not able, my parents are ready to help.  My parents also helped to design and create the signs for our market stall so that anyone seeing us for the first time would have no idea that we're complete noobs

Then there are the neighbours, who are squeezing in time whenever they can to help me get the farm operation going.  No small feat with one of the buildings being completely gutted and rebuilt so we can grow mushrooms year-round.

Lastly though, we couldn't have made this trust fall into farming without our friends.  It's impossible to name everyone....but know that every 'like' and comment on a Facebook post, every introduction, every enthusiastic 'yes' response when asked for a favour, and every purchase is noticed and appreciated.

Incredibly grateful to have your support in making this dream a reality,
Dave & Emily