We're hiring!

We're hiring!

Dave KranenburgAugust 29, 2018

Our 2nd year farm is need of some extra help this Fall. 

We're looking for someone who is passionate about sustainable agriculture and wants to get their hands dirty.  You'll be working directly with the farmers (Emily & Dave) both on the farm and at the markets.

Responsibilities, Skills & Experience

  • To represent the farm at Saturday farmers markets you need to be friendly, approachable and able to make change.  We're looking for sales / customer service experience.
  • To get to the markets you need to have a driver's license.  You'll be driving a truck or van into Toronto every Saturday, leaving the farm at 6:30am
  • To load that van with the market equipment & food, you need to be able to lift 20-50 pounds.
  • To harvest mushrooms you need to have great attention to detail.  Mushrooms are divas and require a keen eye.
  • To care for the livestock you need to be willing to get dirty, to lift 50 pound feed bags and to not feel strange when you find yourself having conversations with the animals.
  • To survive on the farm you have to be adaptable.  The work changes every day.  Outside of the markets, there is no such thing as a usual day and so you need to be ready to roll with the curveballs.

So if you're a friendly person who likes mushrooms & pastured livestock, who has a driver's license and some sales experience....we want to hear from you.  The rest can be taught.


Start Date:  Immediate
End Date:  End of October, possibility to extend over the Winter.
Hours:  Approx. 20hrs per week, including every Saturday from 6:30am to 3:30pm.
Wage:  $15/hour

Possibilities:  There's a guesthouse on the farm.  You could work Friday, stay overnight so that you're already here and can head to market on Saturday morning.

Perks:  Free & discounted food!  Amazing tan lines.  Muscles.  Fresh air.  Great people.

How to Apply

Send us an email to eat@kendalhillsgamefarm.ca with the subject 'Farm Help'
In that email, tell us why you want to work with us and attach your resume.

Thanks in advance for your interest!

Dave & Emily