Job Posting - Farm Assistant

Job Posting - Farm Assistant

Dave KranenburgAugust 26, 2019

Kendal Hills Farm is 70 acres of rolling hills, forest, orchard and pasture.  Dave & Emily are in their third season of reviving the farm that Emily grew up on.   We raise mushrooms, eggs, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, partridge, pigeons and pork and also operate a dog boarding kennel.  It’s beautiful chaos and we’re looking for someone to join our team as we head into the Fall.

While we’d love to describe a usual day, there’s really no such thing on our farm.  Every day there animals to feed and mushrooms to harvest but after that it could be foraging in the woods, trips to the butcher, preparing for market, deliveries and market sales, giving tours, building and maintaining  fences and shelters, cleaning equipment, or any one of hundreds of other farm projects and chores.

Market staff

Instead of one full-time person, we'd consider two or three part-time positions because the work could be divided into

  • Mushroom Assistant:  Responsible for the care, harvesting & packaging of mushrooms and keeping the facilities clean and functional.
  • Poultry Assistant:  Responsible for the care and wellbeing of the poultry.
  • Market Assistant:  Responsible for preparing orders, packing for market and being our sales rep at weekend markets.  This one requires a license and Friday, Saturday & Sunday availability.

These six things describe the qualities we’re looking for in our staff and why they’re important to us. 

  • Trusted to work by yourself with little supervision
  • Once trained, you will be trusted to care for animals and harvest mushrooms by yourself.  Though Dave won’t be far away, we’d like your good judgment and strong work ethic to guide you through your day.

  • Sociable and enjoy talking with people.
  • The majority of our farm’s food is sold at farmers’ market and you’ll be trusted to be our salesperson at least twice a week.   Being the friendly face of local food, you’ll be expected to answer questions about our products and build relationships with our customers

  • Excellent with animals
  • Caring for livestock and poultry will be a daily task and requires empathy and problem-solving so that they receive our high standard of care.

  • Attention to detail
  • Raising healthy animals and growing high quality mushrooms both require strict biosecurity rules and constant monitoring as you go about your day.  Animals and mushrooms ‘tell’ you a lot when you’re paying attention and this allows us to handle things before they become a crisis.

  • Physically able to lift at least 25kgs
  • From hauling feed to loading up for the market, you’ll be using your body and must be able to handle at least 25kgs (50lbs).  There’s never a time when you’re physically exhausted from moving or lifting things, but every day you’ll be lifting something heavy.

  • Great driver with a full driver’s license
  • Whether it’s picking up supplies, driving to the butcher or heading to market you’re not riding shotgun, you’ll be in the driver’s seat.

  • Good with Numbers
  • No complicated math equations here, but when working the market you must be able to calculate weights and prices and give correct change.


    • Hourly wage
    • On-farm accommodation available (rent to be negotiated)
    • Free and discounted food from the farm

    Hours of Work

    Daily hours and schedules vary depending on the projects and tasks underway.  Schedules will be set on Sunday.

    How to Apply

    Send a cover letter or e-mail to with the title “I want to work”

    In that letter, tell us about any education, education and skills that would make you great for this position AND why you want to work with us.

    We’ll interview as applications are received until we find the person we want to grow with.