Pigs to Market

Pigs to Market

Dave KranenburgOctober 12, 2018

Pigs to Market

About the Pigs

We knew we wanted pigs to be part of our farm, and so last year we tracked down a farmer with tamworth pigs and bought some weaners (young pigs that have been weaned from their mothers).  They thrived in our environment and the feedback from customers was phenomenal, and so about a year ago we invested in breeding stock.  8 sows and 1 boar.    Finding purebred sows and a boar was a challenge, and so our boar is pure and the sows have a just little bit of berkshire in them.

Tamworth pigs interested us because they are an heritage variety that is 'threatened' in North America and they seemed perfect for how we wanted to raise pigs.  Since we wanted to raise them outside, year-round, we needed a hardy variety that is a great forager that can tolerate cold winters and hot summers.

While they have little huts that they go into on the coldest days, they spend most of their time foraging around the forest & swamp.  At no point do we confine them to a barn in order to fatten them up.

What they Eat

In addition to what they forage, they enjoy a diet of brewer spent grains (the leftover mash from when beer is brewed), vegetable seconds (from nearby farms with 'ugly' vegetables they can't sell) and mixed grains (barley, oats & peas).

Unlike our chickens & turkeys, this not certified organic feed (or even non-GM feed).  Pigs are the 'food waste' piece of our farming puzzle, converting food waste that was destined for landfill into protein.

And of course, no medications, antibiotics or hormones.

What to Expect

The result of our efforts is the tastiest pork you'll ever enjoy.  Sometimes called the 'bacon pig', our tamworth are rich in flavour without being high in fat.

You can purchase a specific cut OR reserve a quarter, half or whole pig.