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Appreciation after Turkey Thursday

Dave KranenburgOctober 06, 2017

Turkey Thursday...that's what I'm calling yesterday.  It started at 5am, loading turkeys for the processor and ended around 11pm once I had e-mailed everyone with the details about their Thanksgiving birds that they are picking up this weekend for their family feasts. I was more nervous about these birds than...

Trust and Transparency

Dave KranenburgSeptember 28, 2017

In last week's blog post, '5 Things to think about when buying chicken', I talked about the decisions we made about how we would raise our chickens and briefly mentioned the Artisanal Chicken Program. On Tuesday, we had our official audit as part of this program and we're going to...

About our Chickens

Dave KranenburgJuly 01, 2017

Artisanal: Normally to raise more than 300 chickens you need quota (the 'license' to farm chicken). Last year, Chicken Farmers of Ontario introduced a new program called the Artisanal Chicken Program so that farmers could raise up to 3,000 to a higher standard (ex. free-range & organic). We are proud...