Terroir Symposium Rural Retreat

Terroir Symposium Rural Retreat

Dave KranenburgApril 05, 2019

We are proud to be a Feast ON Preferred Purveyor.  This will be our second year being part of Feast ON, a program by the Culinary Tourism Alliance (CTA) that certifies that restaurants source their ingredients from local suppliers and are part of building a strong local food system.

Feast ON Preferred Purveyor

One of the many events made possible by CTA is the Terroir Symposium's Rural Retreat, an annual celebration of a region's food that this year is happening just up the road from us at the beautiful South Pond Farms.  We're thrilled for the spotlight on this region and to see so many of our farmer and chef friends being profiled!

Before becoming a farmer, Dave worked for 20+ years in community food security and the local food movement.  He's a passionate advocate who believes local food equals jobs.  So not only have we been reviving this family farm, we've been busy supporting local food initiatives from Peterborough to Cobourg to Bowmanville (a region we playfully call the Green Triangle).  As we've grown to know the quality of food coming from our neighbours, we're convinced that this can become an agritourism destination where people stop and visit their favourite farms on their way to the cottage.

For the chefs participating in the Rural Retreat, we are happy to have the following mushrooms available in the Pantry.  With the exception of shiitake, all of the mushrooms we cultivate are native to Ontario.  We harvest daily to ensure they are perfect and fresh.

Please note, our livestock season is just getting underway, and our spring chickens, cornish hens, squab and chicken won't be available until June, with the rest of our farm's offerings (pork, partridge, turkey, duck & goose) maturing over the Summer and Fall.


A.k.a. Golden Oak, Black Forest, Oakwood

Firm, meaty texture and rich, earthy fragrance give these mushrooms a distinctive flavour that complements seafood, poultry, vegetables and grains. Robust texture stands up to sauteeing, stuffing, roasting and pickling. A tasty addition to soup, stir-fry, sauces and egg dishes. Store refrigerated in a paper bag for a week or mor

Blue Oyster

A.k.a. Tree, Shelf

Distinctive blue-grey caps contrast with delicate white gills to give this oyster mushroom a unique and exotic appearance. These versatile mushrooms are chef favourites. Their sweet, woodsy profile brings subtle flavour to sauces and soups, egg dishes or stands alone alongside grilled meat or vegetables.

Pearl Oyster

a.k.a. Oyster shelf, Tree, Straw,

Delicate, mild flavour and a smooth, velvety texture. Excellent raw in salads or lightly sauteed. Holds it’s shape well with cooking. Pairs well with chicken, fish, eggs and vegetarian dishes. Store refrigerated in a paper bag for 5-7 days.

Cinnamon Cap

a.k.a. Forest Nameko, Brick Tops

These cute little mushrooms with a cinnamon coloured cap and creamy stem grow in clusters and provide a nutty, earthy flavour to sauces, soups, pasta, risotto and vegetable dishes. Cook these whole to retain their crisp texture or chop into pieces and sautee, roast or grill to a deep brown colour.


A.k.a. Bunashimeji, Brown Clamshell,

A firm, crunchy texture and a nutty, buttery flavor profile, with tender caps and firm stems. Somewhat bitter when eaten raw, these petite mushrooms are best steamed, roasted or sautéed. Excellent complement to game, grilled meats and seafood. Store refrigerated in a paper bag for a week or more.

Lion's Mane


A.k.a. Bear’s head, Monkey’s head, Hedgehog, Satyr’s beard

High in protein with a delicate texture and a mild sweetness, similar to crab or lobster meat, makes this mushroom a wonderful addition to salad, pasta, stir-fry or grains. Sautee in butter and onion to bring out the rich flavour of this unique ingredient. An excellent substitute in recipes that call for crab meat. Widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to improve digestion, memory and mood.