What is the volume of a chicken?

What is the volume of a chicken?

Dave KranenburgJuly 25, 2017

full grown chicken

This question has been stressing us for the last week.

Our first flock of beautiful, free-range chickens that have been fed nothing but certified organic grains, is ready for market this weekend and they need to be kept cold.

The original plan was to build a cold storage (fridge and freezer) in one of the buildings.  But, installing a freezer on to an existing concrete floor isn't possible because over time you freeze the concrete and the ground underneath...creating your own permafrost that will eventually crack your foundation.  It's been so busy here, that the back-up plan was to use fridges & chest freezers.

Then, last week as Dave was picking-up a freezer, something he had never thought of before in his life crossed his mind...how many cubic feet is a chicken?

The answer:  about 1/2 a cubic foot (12 inches by 6 by 6).

For our first flock, we would need at least 10 freezers.  And then another 15 when the 2nd flock is ready.  WTF!?!?  That's ridiculous.  Something else needed to be figured out.

Cold storage has been our top priority this last week, and we made the tough (financial) decision to buy a shipping container that the company promised could be ready for Thursday (when my chickens return from Morrison's Custom Poultry Processing).  Crisis averted....until an hour ago when it became clear they couldn't deliver on that promise.  Instead, we'll be renting a freezer trailer while we work through our long-term solution.

The good news...our CHICKENS ARE READY FOR MARKET!!!
Pick them up at the Junction Farmers Market on Saturday, Leslieville Farmers Market on Sunday or Sorauren Farmers Market on Monday.