Buying the Farm

Buying the Farm

Dave KranenburgJuly 11, 2019

No, this isn't an euphemism.  Emily & Dave are, fingers crossed, days away from buying the farm and we need you to help by purchasing a CSA Bundle.

Wait, what?  No, we don't own this farm yet.  While it's the farm that Emily grew up on, it's still her parents who own the place.  For three years now we've all been living and working together to successfully transition this small, family farm from one generation to the next.   But let us tell you, they don't make it easy.

First of all, as far as any lender was concerned, Dave was unemployed.  That meant that they would only look at Emily's salary when it came to our ability to carry the mortgage.  And as you can imagine, 70 acres just one hour from downtown Toronto is not cheap.  Like most retiring farmers, the value of the land is part of how Emily's parents can retire on a fixed income, and while they are helping they can't just give it away (they'd also get hammered by the tax man if they tried!).

So for two years, Emily & I have hustled to reinvigorate this farm and demonstrate that it, along with Emily's salary, can carry the mortgage.  Thanks to your support over these two years, the farm is in a solid position.  Except we've hustled too hard and now that this is a serious agricultural operation, we no longer qualify for residential mortgages. ARGGHGH!!  And that means we need a 25% down payment for an agricultural mortgage.

Which brings us to how you can help us buy this farm.

By now, you understand our vision for this place and the high standards we have for our food.  In fact, you visit us regularly at the market to purchase our delicious mushrooms, poultry and pork.

To help us hit the 25% down payment requirement, we are inviting you to pre-pay for your market purchases with a CSA Bundle.

You can choose one or more of the following:

  • Market Lover Bundle (pre-pay for $243 worth of market items)
  • Chicken Lover
  • Poultry Lover (Light)
  • Poultry Lover (Full)
  • Pork Lover
  • Mushroom Medley Lover
  • Mushroom Variety Lover
  • Shiitake Lover
  • Egg Lover (can only add this to another Bundle)

By pre-paying, you save 10%.  Also, it's the only way to reserve our delicious eggs or bacon.  And wait, there's'll also receive a Season's Pass, good for two adults, to our Farm Tours happening the last Sunday of each month (July-October).

Payment can be online, by e-transfer to, or with cash or cheque at the market.

As always, we're happy to answer any questions.

Thank you for making this farm possible and sharing in our vision of how a farm can work with the forest.

Dave & Emily