Single Nanaimo Bar, Lemon


PH Organics

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Made from scratch Organic, Gluten-free, and Vegan Nanaimo Bars. marche 59 produces over 20 flavours of these nanaimos. This flavour has an inclusion of lemon juice and zest.

Each luscious bar is 3"" in size, made of three rich layers: the bakery’s own crumb base, (Base Ingredients: Water, Cane sugar, Cocoa, Cookie crumbs, Cacao Nibs, Shredded coconut, Salt, Palm shortening), a soft icing centre (Filling Ingredients: Palm shortening, Rice milk, Icing sugar, Lemon juice and Lemon Zest), and a chocolate ganache top (Chocolate glaze Ingredients: Palm shortening, 70% chocolate)