Bread, Beer Baguette


Spent Goods

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Spent Goods doesn't contain any preservative or additives. We freeze the baguettes on the same day of baking to lock in optimal flavour. If keeping it at room temperature, we recommend you consume it within 4 days. Else freeze and defrost as needed.

Did you know that most conventional (even some artisan) baguettes are not made with whole grains? Most are made with chemically treated flour but not ours! Our 48-hour, 100% naturally-leavened process enhances flavour and nutritional value, promotes digestion, and increases shelf life.

Untreated special baker flour, water, all purpose flour, organic khorasan (kamut) flour, organic corn flour, brewery barley grains, diastatic malt powder, bakers fresh yeast, and fine sea salt.

 Made in Toronto by Spent Goods, Drake Commissary with leftover barley grains from Henderson Brewing Co.

Shelf life at room temperature is 4 days, or freeze up to 3 months