Mushroom, Chanterelle (approx 227g)


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Fresh chanterelles are one of our most popular summer and fall mushrooms!!
Chanterelle mushrooms are super easy to clean, cook, and store. We love their vibrant colour, their meaty flesh, and the subtle apricot, and peppery flavour.

Not only are golden chanterelles highly sought after in gourmet cooking, but these mushrooms are also a personal favourite of chefs and foodies alike.

Typically these wild foraged chanterelles are free of bugs, making them super simple and ready to cook.

There are a ton of variations to cooking with these mushrooms! From the seasonal chef to the rare cook you can always find a great way to enjoy them. They make for a perfect meat substitute, and whether you're a vegan or vegetarian the options for spicing up a dish with chanterelles are plentiful!

Our favourite ways to have golden chanterelles include:

Omelette with Chanterelles
Chanterelle toast
Chanterelle mushrooms with Tagliatelle pasta