Ramps, aka Wild Leeks (approx. 227g)


Clearwater Farm

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Wild Ramps are available only in the early spring.

The Wild Ramp, AKA wild leek (Allium tricoccum) is considered a culinary delicacy and should be treated as such.

Its delicate shape and texture is met with bold flavours, making it a versatile allium in dishes both fresh and cooked.

Ramps can be thinly sliced and served raw in salads or as a finishing garnish. Ramps are delicious blended into a pesto with high quality olive oil.

Some of their best flavour profiles come out, though, when they are briefly sautéed or slow roasted.

Their best culinary companions are other spring plants such as morels, chanterelles, sweet peas, young lettuces, brassicas, radishes and citrus.

Ramps can be added to vinaigrettes, cream based sauces, soups, pastas, pizzas and risottos.

They pair well with eggs, poultry, potatoes, shellfish and cheeses both hard and soft.