Bread, Sliced Multigrain Sourdough (15 slices)


Spent Goods

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Vegan, Halal
Spent Goods doesn't contain any preservative or additives. We freeze the bread on the same day of baking to lock in optimal flavour. If keeping it at room temperature, we recommend you consume it within 4 days. Else freeze and defrost as needed.

Multigrain Loaf, freshly baked every day with only ingredients you can pronounce.

Favourite of kids and adults alike, made with 4 different whole grains, slowly fermentated over days to increase nutritional value, flavour, and digestibility.

But our uniqueness comes from incorporating barley grains that have already been used to make beer. By diverting these 'spent' grains, you are directly helping to reduce greenhouse gases had it been disposed.


organic whole wheat, water, organic spelt, organic rye, brewery barley grains, unbleached all-purpose wheat flour, salt, and non-commercial sourdough culture.

75% grains sourced from Ontario using traditional stone milling techniques to preserve the integrity and unique character of the grain.

    100% Vegan (e.g., no eggs, no dairy)
    100% Halal (we recover the barley before yeast is added that converts it into beer)
    NO preservatives or additives
    NO commercial yeast and naturally leavened

Made in Toronto by The Spent Goods Company in partnership with  Drake Commissary & Henderson Brewing Co.

Shelf life at room temperature is 4 days, or freeze up to 3 months