Pretzel, Bavarian Style Beer Pretzels (4 pieces)


Spent Goods

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Vegan, Halal

Spent Goods doesn't contain any preservative or additives. We freeze them on the same day of baking to lock in optimal flavour. If keeping it at room temperature, we recommend you consume it within 2 days. Else freeze and defrost as needed.

You haven’t had a pretzel like this in your life. One bite transports you to when your mouth discovered flavour for the first time.

People are becoming obsessed with our Bavarian style Beer pretzels. Try it while it’s still flying under the radar.

Slightly tough and salted on the outside and soft texture on the inside.

Ingredients: Brewery Barley grains from Henderson Brewing, water, unbleached untreated all purpose flour, unbleached untreated bread flour, diastatic malt powder, sugar, yeast, sesame seeds, salt, and olive oil.

Made in Toronto by Spent Goods, Drake Commissary with leftover barley grains from Henderson Brewing Co.

Shelf life at room temperature is 2 days, or freeze up to 3 months