Chutney, Burger Topper Tomato (200g)


Tropic Thunders Hot Sauce

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Burger topper
Tomato Chutney

WHATS IT LIKE: This is a Top-on-Anything tomato chutney. Not your regular ketchup by any mean. It has the sweetness from the tomato itself that’s been cooked down and nice texture from mustard seeds. Well balanced, tangy and sweet, and perfect for every meal of the day. Something to add to your list of what to bring to a BBQ party!

WHAT IT GOES GREAT WITH: Our tomato chutney is so versatile, you can use it as a topper for anything you wish! It’s great on Burgers, Hot dogs, Sandwiches, Egg, Steaks, Burrito, and Charcuterie board with cheese and crackers. Tt’s so good you’ll be ruined for regular ketchup as a condiment forever.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, mustard seed, thyme, onion, sugar, salt