Cold Smoked Rainbow Trout, Lemon Pepper Dill (approx 200g)



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Cold Smoked Rainbow Trout - Lemon Pepper Dill - Approx.200g

Those that love gravlax/lox or any type of cold smoked salmon will absolutely love our cold smoked rainbow trout. Topped with lemon pepper dill, it's a Canadian twist on a traditional Scandinavian dish!

Watch a video on how to slice it yourself

Pairs exceptionally well with Brigid's Brie (cheese) that is also available at the market! Cold Smoked fish contains a raw like texture - many use it in place of raw fish in sushi dishes where fresh fish is not available!

Fish Source: Farmed (Perry Sound)

Shelf life: 2 weeks once thawed in package. Consume within 3 days after opening package.