Roasted Vegan Bean Burger


PH Organics

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marche 59 presents a unique plant-based, gluten-free hand patty. This is no run-of-the-mill veggie burger! Mixed and formed by hand, from chickpeas, beans (black beans and red kidney), and fresh cooked farm kale, tomatoes, onions and herbs (farm oregano and thyme), chickpea flour and spices (cumin), these patties are a healthy eater’s delight. Once thawed, eat right away at room temperature or place them on the grill or oven where the pre-roasted goodness awakens to the warmth. Break into soups or chillis for added protein and heartiness. Serve with or without bread, with your favorite veggies or ingredients, with a side of French fries, rice or salad and feel free to dip or coat in any sauce you like. It goes well with pretty much everything, and it’s SO good!

This patty is a simple and tasty way to include more legumes into the diet! These artisan vegan, gluten-free burgers are much healthier than store-bought ones (Read the labels!). These are filled with three kinds of legumes, and lots of spices and herbs. Add condiments as desired. This patty contains NO gluten, NO soy, and NO nuts (although the bakery kitchen is not Nut-free).