Hazelnut Praline Bar, 2.5oz


PH Organics

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Widely prized in baking and patisserie (pastry making), pralines are nuts coated with sugars heated to caramelizing temperatures. The marche 59 hazelnut praline bar lends a caramel flavour to P & H Farms' organic hazelnuts. This confection is made from a tight base of naturally dried farm hazelnuts covered with a thin layer of sugar and unsalted butter.
The hazelnuts for each praline bar stem from 2 different varieties of organically grown hazelnut trees at P & H Farms (harvest of 2019). The Farms has a nut grove of over 300 hazelnut trees. For best crunch and eating texture, keep pralines dry and away from heat and light. Close the pillow packaging well after each delicious bite ...