Marinated Olives, 200g


Tropic Thunders Hot Sauce

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WHATS IT LIKE: A snack that will take you back to a simpler time of visiting your local watering hole and sipping on a crisp Prosecco while nibbling on some jamón ibérico and olives. Our marinated olives are a blend of green stuffed olives and black kalamata. Fennel seeds, chilli flakes and canola oil keep them plump, juicy & with a kick.

WHAT IT GOES GREAT WITH: Just by themselves they are delicious and of course as part of a charcuterie and cheese board. A secret tip is to save the marinade (which is essentially olive flavoured oil) and add lemon juice or a good aged balsamic vinegar for a fantastic salad dressing in minutes! You can also use it to brush on your crostini or in your next focaccia recipe. Say no to needless waste! Ingredients: Olives,fennel seeds,za'atar,lemon,canola oil (sesame seeds)


Keep in fridge.