Pasta, Ricotta Gnocchi for Two


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Ricotta Gnocchi for Two

Heirloom Squash & Brown Butter Sauce, Amaretti & Parsnip Crumb, Grana

Ingredients: Ricotta Gnocchi (“00” flour, egg yolk, Grana Padano, ricotta cheese)
Heirloom Squash & Brown Butter Sauce (roasted squash, sherry
vinegar, shallot, mustard oil, butter, sage, cinnamon, olive oil, lemon)
Amaretti & Parsnip Crumb (Amaretti cookie, fried parsnip, sumac), Grana
Padano Cheese

Recipe Instructions: Bring a medium pot of water to the boil and season with salt
Heat up the Heirloom Squash & Brown Butter Sauce separately in a pan.
Drop the Ricotta Gnocchi into the salted water, cook until the gnocchi float
to the surface. Strain
Toss the gnocchi into the squash sauce and cook for roughly 1 minute.
Serve gnocchi topped with Amaretti & Parsnip Crum and Grana Padano