Turkey, Heritage (19 - 20lbs)


Kendal Hills Farm

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Frozen. Heritage. Pastured.  Certified Organic feed.
They look great this year, and we're proud to say that others are taking notice of our approach to raising poultry and we were profiled in the Toronto Star.

About your Turkey

The Artisan Gold is a rare breed that is small in size and slow growing.  It thrives in a free-range or alternative environment where it can express natural behaviours while maintaining a high health status. This turkey offers a robust, hearty taste that is unique in the traditional turkey market.

The Artisan Gold has heritage tracing back to the Landes, Aquitaine region of France,  and continues to reflect this region’s dedication to taste and uncompromising quality.

Our turkeys enjoy certified organic grains.

Our processor does a great job cleaning the birds, however because of the breed sometimes there are pin feathers that will need to be removed from the skin.  This can be done with a set of tweezers, and some people choose to ignore removing since roasting the bird can also take care of them.