About the Market


By noon on Wednesday, we have updated the Market with the food that each vendor will be able to harvest or prepare in the coming days.  During this time, you can browse the Market, add items to your Cart, create your Account, check our delivery areas and contact the vendors with questions about their food.

On Thursday, the Market opens for sales.  Please note, that items in your Cart are NOT reserved.  If a vendor sells out of an item before you checkout then there's no more of that item available until they harvest or make more.

You are ordering food that will be made just for you.  It's prepared AFTER you order, and then brought to the Green Circle Food Hub where it is packaged with the rest of your groceries and prepared for delivery to you. 

What we've figured out

  • No-contact home delivery.  All deliveries will be to your front door.  Those in apartments & condos will be asked to meet us downstairs.  Exceptions for those with mobility or other health concerns.
  • Delivery notifications.  You get e-mailed (and possibly texted once we get that working) when the Delivery Route is finalized, when we're 15 minutes away and when the food is at your doorstep
  • $6.25 delivery & handling charge.  We all need to work together to rebuild a localized food supply chain.  If you truly can't afford this, then during Checkout, use the code 'Together' and it is removed with no questions asked.  Thanks to our Community Pickup partners, if you spend over $75.00 then you only pay the $3.50 handling when PICKING up at a location.
  • No minimum delivery.  Everyone needs to eat and anyone with limited fridge/freezer space and tight budgets is not going to get penalized.

    Delivery Areas

    Current delivery areas and pickup locations can be found on this page.  You can always double-check if we deliver to your area by going to your 'Cart' and entering your postal code.

    There's a lot of support for this and we're working fast to help as many farmers & households as possible.

    About the Vendors

    The only criteria to be a Vendor with the Virtual Market is that they are the business growing or making the food.  Each item in the Market will include information about the Vendor and contact info so you can interact with them, just like you would at a farmers' market.